Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello! My name is Stephanie McNelly and I am an Independent Consultant for Thirty-One Gifts in South Mississippi. I have been married to Jason for over 10 yrs now, who is a Sheriff's Deputy/K9 Handler. We have 2 boys who are 14 & 9. I started my Thirty-One journey in July 2012. I had NO idea then, how much it would change my life now!


The reason I joined Thirty-One is simple.. Like most, I decided to sale for the extra money. We all know Sheriff's Deputies/Police Officers don't make a lot of money! At the time I had NEVER heard of Thirty-One before. I fell in love with the products the first time I saw them! Then, when I was told that Thirty-One is a Faith-based, Christian company first & foremost, I was hooked. I thought then that if I have never seen or heard of it, I wonder how many others are the same way!

2 wks after joining, Thirty-One was holding their $500 & $1000 incentives for the Fall 2012 Catalog. They were giving Consultants a chance to earn NEW Fall products. If you had $500 in sales, then you got almost $200 in NEW Fall products. If you had $1000 in sales, you got the same products for the $500 kit, plus MORE!! I went into it thinking I'd be LUCKY if I even hit $500!! I mean, seriously.. I'd only be a Consultant for LESS than a month!! I was shocked when I did MORE than DOUBLE the $1000!!! My sales have continued to increase each month since then!
In Dec. 2011, I left my full time day job and decided to do Thirty-One full time! I LOVE IT!!! It allows me to be here for my family.. and also contribute to our household income!

My Business

My Thirty-One business has grown so much since July. I have well over 100 customers and countless Hostesses! I am always coming up with different incentives and offers to show my appreciation for THEM! If YOU would like to Join my Closed Facebook group for updates, specials, incentives, Sneak Peeks!, Cash & Carry items, contests, free products, and more.. then click the link below & request to join! Join my Closed Facebook Group at

You can also visit my Thirty-One website at any time at


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